My name is Leora Coronel and I began playing around with jewelry design about 13 years ago. When I started getting into the art of metalsmithing nearly 8 years ago, Gather Jewelry was born. Like many jewelers & silversmiths, I originally began making jewelry because I wanted a way to be able to wear some of the specimens in my ever-growing collection of rocks and other found objects. Having my own jewelry line has also provided me with a fantastic excuse to continue feeding my obsession with rocks & minerals. Over the years, my jewelry-making journey has been a slow, steady evolution of blind exploration & self-teaching, sprinkled with occasional instruction from some very knowledgeable and generous teachers. I've recently learned how to cut and polish my own stones and it's opened up a whole new world of inspiration for me (see Yuba Collection). 

Today, Gather Jewelry's eclectic designs are inspired by many different things including ancient battle gear & weaponry, sacred geometry, classic native american jewelers of the 1960's-70's, and most of all, the mineral kingdom. I also find much of my inspiration in the environment around me: the gold-rushed foothills of Northern California, the ancient Yuba River, the massive granite boulders, and the visionary community that resides here.

I hand-fabricate each piece of Gather Jewelry in my cozy studio, nestled in the woods of Nevada City, CA. Follow @gatherjewelry on Instagram to keep up with my journey and see current works. 

Interested in a custom piece or a collaboration? Email me at or click the contact button in the menu.